10 reasons why large fruit and vegetable international companies import with Mayorazgo Export

10 reasons why large fruit and vegetable international companies import with Mayorazgo Export

Here are the ten reasons why Mayorazgo Export is one of the best valued Spanish companies for importing fruit and vegetables from different international markets.

Our clients, both national and international, and their opinions, have helped us to draw up this list, in which many more reasons could be included, but we have limited ourselves to highlighting the aspects of the company that are most valued by our clients.

It is worth mentioning that the professionalism, experience and extensive knowledge of the sector, from crops to market distribution, are the main reasons for the company’s success.

Food safety is paramount for our customers and consumers, and only experts in the sector can offer the highest quality and the best prices.

Import Premium Vegetables and Fruits From Spain

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Importing fruit and vegetables from Spain with certainty and confidence

1. Experience: We are professionals in the export sector with a long history. Since 1998 we have been distributing fresh products in international markets, we have an expert team and a long experience that allows us to export fresh products in a reliable way, complying with all the international requirements and standards.

2. Quality: the product that is imported from Spain with Mayorazgo Export is of premium quality, fresh and natural vegetables free of chemicals. We work with the best farmers, those who are committed to the quality of the product, with integrated agriculture, applying natural methods and certifying 100% organic products.

3. Knowledge of the different markets: Premium vegetables are our speciality, organic products that comply with current market trends.

4. The experience of our growers: the extensive knowledge of production acquired over several generations of farmers, coupled with new technologies and development programmes to obtain the highest quality premium vegetables. Differentiated products that stand out in the different international markets.

5. Track record: 20 years of experience allows us to select the best air, sea or land transport, where the control of the products and the speed allow us to deliver the products as fresh as when they were harvested.

6. Sustainable Agriculture: Being the province with the most hours of sunshine in Europe and having an almost constant spring temperature allows the production of vegetables and horticultural products in a natural way, without resorting to sophisticated artificial heating systems, thus reducing costs and environmental impact.

Almeria is leader in the sector of organic agriculture at world-wide level. It is also the first in volume of production by means of the system of integrated agriculture.

In Mayorazgo Export we stand for and support sustainable agriculture, always in balance with our environment, producing more and more healthy and natural fruits and vegetables while respecting the environment.

Importing premium vegetables from Spain with Mayorazgo Export is a commitment to quality, natural production and the environment.

7. Food Safety: the premium vegetables imported with Mayoragzo Export meet world quality standards. We have all the sanitary certifications and highly qualified staff to select and pack only the best quality fruits and vegetables.

We are GlobalGAP and Organic Certified.

Importing fruit and vegetables from Spain with certainty and confidence

8. Personalised service: we stand up for and practice personalised customer service. Only by talking face to face can we have all the information necessary to serve our customers the fruits and vegetables in the conditions they require.

A permanent, personal and direct contact is necessary to close highly satisfactory agreements for both parties.

9. Trust: even in the worst moments of the pandemic, Mayorazgo Export has fulfilled its commitments. International fruit and vegetable importers have had the supply of fresh produce guaranteed.

We have demonstrated that even in the most adverse situations our priorities are our clients and our commitment, fulfilling each and every one of the orders received on time.

10. Economic benefits: our experience allows us to select the best methods in terms of harvesting, logistics and transport in order to avoid unnecessary costs for our customers. The reduction of costs always influences the final price of the product allowing you to import fruit and vegetables from Spain at a very affordable price.

Offering fruit and vegetables at a better price does not mean that they have less quality. It means that we know all the ins and outs of the sector, thus we are able to reduce costs so that you can import premium vegetables benefiting from both: quality and price.

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