Quality Policy

POLICY OF MAYORAZGO EXPORT , S.L. The management of MAYORAZGO EXPORT SL, formalizes its commitment to the quality of services provided by implementing an Integrated Quality Management System, in response to the customer demand, employees and society in general. For this reason and on the basis of its commitment to continuous improvement of the effectiveness of integrated management system pursues as its primary objectives: • Ensure compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements and those that the organization subscribes to the client. • Meet the needs and expectations of its clients and users, and be aware of the level of client’s satisfaction via direct feedback. • Secure resources to maintain facilities in good order and cleanliness to provide the service with maximum standard. • Maintain good relationships with suppliers, meeting the requirements between the two. • Keep all staff (including those who work for and on behalf of the Company) trained and informed about the Company policies, following up on work. • Have qualified personnel for the development of each activity through necessary training. • Provide all necessary resources to maintain at all times and at all levels, a good company image. • Continuous improvement of the Integrated Quality Management System. In order to achieve all of the above mentioned; MAYORAZGO EXPORT SL policy will imply the following: § Document, implement, maintain, adapt and be in constant communication to all members of the organization, in order to make them aware of their individual obligations. § Policy review in light of quality objectives to ensure it is appropriate to the purpose of the organization. § Set quality targets to allow the company to measure the degree of compliance and adequacy of the policy concepts. § Review and analysis of goals and objectives set out in the framework of the policy, to ensure continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system. § Make all available for public awareness and consultation.

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