We export Premium Vegetables and Fruits from Spain to other countries

We help you to import the best premium fresh fruits and vegetables from the most reliables growers in Spain. In a few hours.

Quality control before exporting tomatoes from Spain to another country

Our vegetables and fruits meet global export quality standards, food safety, sanitary and labeling certifications

Importing vegetables and fruits: Step by step guide

Step 0, Ordering

The Order

You place an order to import into your country the top quality fresh fruit and vegetables you need to meet your customers' demands. We offer you the best conditions in each operation.
Step 0, Ordering
Step 1, Harvesting and Packaging

We select and pack the product

Mayorazgo Export looks for and selects the farmers who have the vegetables and fruits at the ideal point of maturity for export. The product is harvested and packed immediately.
Step 1, Harvesting and Packaging
Step 2, Shipping

International Shipping

Once collected and packaged, we send the product the same day by air or ground to the client's country. Mayorazgo Export is in charge of fulfilling all the procedures and permits for the import of fresh fruits and vegetables according to the regulations of the importing country.
Step 2, Shipping
Step 3, Delivery

The client receives the products

With all import formalities in order, the product is delivered to the client in the country of destination. Fresh, in perfect conditions of conservation and packaging and with all the documentation in order to be commercialized.
Step 3, Delivery
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Availability Calendar​


Mayorazgo Export offers an extensive calendar of availability of the best fresh fruits and vegetables for import. In this document you can consult the availability of each product according to the month of the year.

Mayorazgo Export Fruits and Vegetables meets Global Gap Certification

GlobalG.a.p. Certification

Mayorazgo Export is compliant with the standard GLOBALGAP Chain of Custody, Control Points and Compliance Criteria

Mayorazgo Export Spain meet organic production certification


We supply certified fresh organic fruits and vegetables grown under integrated crop with the application of natural methods


Fast and highly controlled air and ground transportation to ensure you receive the product as fresh as the time that was harvest


All starts here. Many years growing healthy fruits and vegetables under the Sun of Almeria where climate conditions are perfect for conventional and organic cultivation. We are proud to grow with the most strict food safety values utilizing integrated crop.

sorting, calibrating and packing

Our trained staff members sort, calibrate and pack only the premium vegetables and fruits. We work in accordance with our high quality standards and food safety standards to export the best spanish vegetables and fruits around the world.


We are GlobalGAP and Organic Certified. Food safety is our key, our staff check daily all the packing and logistic process of importing premium fresh vegetables and fruits from Spain.


Orders will be deliver in time. Just after packing, lorry will pick up and go straight to our customers´depots. We have 20 years experience shipping by ground, air and sea-container.

Fruits and vegetables with sunlight

Vegetables Greenhouses at Almería (Spain)

We market fruits and vegetables to the whole world that, through their color, size, texture and taste, reflect the quality of a cultivating style known in the whole world as “the Almeria miracle”.

Why? Almeria, in the south of Spain, is the corner of Europe with the most hours of sun per year. Almeria has achieved making an apparent weakness its greatest strength. The lack of rain and vegetation allows all the available natural resources to have a single goal: that the tomatoes, eggplants (aubergines), peppers, cucumbers, zucchini (squash, courgettes), and fruits get to the supermarkets of the world.

Since 1975

Yes, 45 years in the international fruit and vegetable exportation market under the brand “Los Manolos.”

Always from Almeria, the place which produces the highest quantity and quality fruits and vegetables in all of Europe.

Always directly from the farmer to our clients in more than ten countries and three continents.

Mayorazgo Export is a safe bet for all companies that need to import fruits and vegetables with the maximum guarantees.

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