The certification company Agrocolor, with which Mayorazgo Exports works, is the leader in Global G.A.P certification in Spain and consolidates its second position worldwide

Mayorazgo Export works with Agrocolor, GlobalGAP certifications leader in Spain

The company maintains the first position in Spain and the second position worldwide in the number of products certified by Global G.A.P. according to the data produced by this international standard at the end of 2021.

Mayorazgo Export has been exporting fruits and vegetables worldwide since 1998, maintaining the highest international quality and certification standards. For this we count on the certifications of Agrocolor, the leading company in Spain and second worldwide according to the data issued by Global G.A.P. at the end of 2020.

Based on this data, our certifier consolidates its second position in the Global G.A.P. regulation worldwide, cutting positions to get to first, and ostensibly improving their numbers on the American continent.

For Mayorazgo Export it is a source of pride and tranquility to be able to count on the entire team that makes up Agrocolor in order to maintain this level of trust on the part of the clients who need to import Premium fruits and vegetables from Spain. Especially in a year like 2020 marked by a global pandemic, which has not prevented Agrocolor, the leader in agri-food certifications and audits, from maintaining Mayorazgo Export’s level of quality and service required by the protocols and standards of Global G.A.P., nationally and globally, for the import and export of agricultural products.

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Agrocolor certification benefits the importers

In this way, we continue working with Agrocolor to achieve products to export from a secure and sustainable agricultural production that benefits the farmers, importers, retailers and consumers in all parts of the world where Mayorazgo Export operates.

As an associate member, Agrocolor has an integral role in the Global G.A.P. network. With their vast experience and know-how, they make valuable contributions to the national technical working groups and other consulting processes, helping to establish the most demanding Global G.A.P. standards in all the products that Mayorazgo Export sells in countries such as the United States, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Japan and Qatar.

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