How to import vegetables and fruit from Spain

How to import vegetables and fruit from Spain

If your objective is to import vegetables and fruits from Spain and you do not know the necessary procedures to carry it out, contact us at and we will advise you.

Mayorazgo Export is a company founded in 1975, characterized by offering the best quality and the best service to its customers. More than 40 years of experience in the sector have provided us with the necessary contacts and knowledge so that, from all over Europe, North America and the Middle East, you can import our vegetables and fruits and receive them as fresh as just picked from the garden.

Spain, as the world’s leading exporter of fruit and vegetables, has the necessary infrastructure to ensure that transport is fast and meets all the required conditions of cold and humidity for proper maintenance of the products, and we have extensive experience in shipments, whether by air, land or sea.

Import Premium Vegetables and Fruits From Spain

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We make it easy for you to import vegetables and fruit from Spain

As soon as we receive an order, the process is immediately started:

  1. Contact the farmer or farmers who at that moment have the vegetables or fruit at the perfect point of ripeness for export.
  2. Immediate collection of the harvest needed to fulfil orders.
  3. Selection of the best pieces of fruit and vegetables, choosing only those that meet all the required quality standards.
  4. Packaging of the product with the necessary care so that, as well as having a pleasant presentation, it fulfils its main function, which is to avoid knocks or scratches that could damage the product.

We manage international shipments

The order is shipped to its destination country the same day.

  1. We take care of the necessary documentation for the transport, whether it is by air or land.
  2. We know and comply with the regulations of each country related to the importation of agricultural products, always guaranteeing that the shipments comply with the requirements of the EU or the country of destination.
  3. Certificates of the sanitary and hygienic requirements applicable to agricultural products and foodstuffs. Phytosanitary certificates.
  4. We comply with the regulations for the packaging and labelling of products. Thanks to a correct labelling and traceability we inform about the origin of the products and all the details about their cultivation.

The issue of the documentation required to import vegetables and fruit from Spain is complex as well as important.

Depending on whether it is a member country of the EU, a non-EU country, North America or the Middle East, the required documentation varies. For this reason, if you have any doubts about which documentation is necessary to import vegetables and fruit from Spain, please contact us.

Quality control

Ethics and responsibility are the two principles by which we are governed, principles that are demanded to the human team that forms part of the company, to our regular suppliers and to our collaborators.

We are GlobalGAP and Certified Organic.

We use integrated crops in both traditional and organic crops, always prioritising food safety.

Importing vegetables and fruit from Spain with Mayorazgo Export is synonymous with importing fresh, quality products, with the perfect size, shape, colour, aroma and flavour, because they arrive at their destination with the ideal point of ripeness for their commercialisation.

import Spanish vegetables

You want to import Spanish vegetables and fruit and we want to make the process easier for you

Contact us: and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have:

  • Availability calendar
  • Organic Products
  • Price list
  • Shipping
  • Necessary documentation
  • Quality control
  • Certifications…

Our trajectory and experience allows us to have the best collaborators in order to obtain the best quality vegetables and fruits and, at the same time, we work with different transport companies that guarantee delivery on time and with the product in perfect conditions.

Our legal team is fully aware of the regulations of each country for the importation of agricultural products, speeding up the procedures for any necessary documentation and guaranteeing the delivery of the product within the indicated period.

Importing vegetables and fruit from Spain is easier and faster than you expected.

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