Import fruits from Spain

import fresh fruits from Spain

Fruits export is a growing-up enterprise for Spain. For Spain’s commerce, the professionalization in trade has taken a large role in the economy.

This has been happening thanks to the rising consumption of imported products from many countries in Europe and other continents.

Examples of these products are melons, oranges, peaches, pears, plums, nectarines, cherries, and many others offered by the agriculture of Spain.

Before talking about business, why don’t we take a little time to discuss a little bit more about Spain, and the things that make it a great place for agriculture?

We want you to know more about the country that produces such delicious fruits which you can import from Spain.

Spain, a country with great products for you to Import

If you want to import fruits from Spain, you would like to know that it is a big country located in the Mediterranean region on the Iberian Peninsula.

For that reason, Spain has the ideal amount of volcanic soil and climate for the regular production of many kinds of fruits, which accomplish the highest quality standards and are fit for human consumption.

Spain also has a well-structured agronomical system. This allows many countries to import fruits from Spain on a regular and safe basis.

Many companies are up to export commerce nowadays and every one of them also has great product flow and relations with companies all around the world, which would make it easier to import fruits from Spain.

Import Fresh Fruits from Spain

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Why is Spain a good option to import fruits from?

Spain is a large producer of fresh fruits to export. The main products you can import from Spain are avocados, melons, watermelons, different kinds of berries, apples, peaches, and many others.

Business in Spain requires building interpersonal relationships, that’s right but nowadays it is very easy since Spanish companies have been increasing their capability to export their products.

Because of its dominant position in exporting commerce, Spain is a common trading country regarding imports of fruits for many non-European countries.

These countries have been importing fruits from Spain through buying groupsthat focus on acquiring the products, as well as in managing the paperwork and logistics of traveling the whole world with the merchandise.

Why is Spain dominant in this business?

Well, you can always import many different types of fresh fruits from Spain because this country considers fresh fruit and vegetable export as a very important sector of commerce.

Thanks to its area of cultivation (you should know now that Spain has 40.1% of the fruit cultivation of Europe), Spain has the highest production ratio of some fruits.

The fruits that you might want to import from Spain are, for example, oranges (because 54% of the oranges produced are to export).

Also, small fruits like apples, pears, and grapes (which export ratio is 67%). You should know that nine out of each ten avocados produced in Spain are to export (that means 90% of the avocados), that make avocados a fruit to import from Spain.

About watermelons, they are to export at a 35% ratio, almost as much as peaches (which number is 37%). Other products that you can also import from Spain are cherries, at a 48% ratio, and lemons at a 40% ratio.

import many different types of fresh fruits from Spain

What is important to import fruits from Spain?

Fruits imported from Spain are sold to international buyers only after they are checked under the dictations of the most recently updated European health legislation.

What does this mean? Well, this means that products intended to export, go through a rigorous process in which scientists make sure that these agronomical products accomplish the law requirements, so, the products to import from Spain are clean of any harmful organisms and plant products.

Besides, it is important to know that importers’ home countries need to have the right phytosanitary agreements with the European Union before beginning to import fruits from Spain.

How are exported fruits from Spain?

There are many options to import fruits from Spain. You will be able to find ground transport, by using well-refrigerated transport trucks or ships at one of the many commercial ports that Spain has.

Another recent way to transport products is by using some special planes from a few commercial airlines.

Import Fresh Fruits from Spain

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