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Premium Vegetables

It doesn’t have to be a special day of celebration to enjoy the best premium vegetables, consumers want to eat well every day. Consumers are increasingly demanding and want the best of the best on their table, to taste high quality products at lunch and dinner, and are willing to pay a little more if necessary for vegetables that stand out for their many unique qualities.

The quality, price and availability that Mayorazgo Export provides you with, allows you to offer your customers premium vegetables every day of the year, to build customer loyalty and attract new ones, because we know that quality and good service are the best advertisement for any company, and we collaborate so that your business can comply with these premises.

Mayorazgo Export, your trusted exporter of premium vegetables, puts in a few hours the vegetables of the best producers of Spain in the country of destination, as fresh as just picked from the garden. Years of experience and agreements with the right transport companies allow us to guarantee the quality and freshness of our vegetables until they reach the consumer’s table.

Export Premium Vegetables and Fruits From Spain

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Characteristics of Premium Vegetables for export

We can say that the adjective Premium qualifies, in this case, vegetables that stand out above the average for their extraordinary characteristics, with exceptional quality and conditions that make the product a privilege for any table..

Vegetables with the ideal point of ripeness for export, selected from the best producers in Spain, which meet all the requirements of the market to become the leading product in sales in all national and international markets.

Size and colour are the first things the consumer sees, sight is the first sense that brings us closer to the product, that is why, in the selection process of premium vegetables for export, we choose the vegetables with the best characteristics that stand out in any sales display.

Smell is another really important sense, a product with its natural and traditional smell is a real luxury that Mayorazgo Export offers you. The authentic aroma of a fresh product activates the taste buds and pushes the customer to buy the product.

Taste, the sense that turns an occasional customer into a loyal customer, as well as being the best advertising for a business. Genuine and traditional taste, a pure flavour that, combined with the excellent textures, turns any premium vegetable from the Spanish market garden into a delicacy.

In short, exporting premium vegetables with Mayorazgo Export is synonymous with exporting vegetables with high quality, fresh, faithful to traditional flavours and at highly competitive prices.

Premium vegetables: Quality and price go hand-in-hand

Premium vegetables are available to every consumer, their price may be somewhat higher than that of other vegetables due to the additional costs involved in their cultivation, but, even so, their price is totally reasonable and affordable.

The premium vegetables that Mayorazgo Export exports are destined for the consumption of the entire population because, although it is a high quality product, our target is not only restaurants with signature cuisine or exclusive gourmet establishments, which are also magnificent clients; our goal is that anyone can enjoy delicious Spanish vegetables any day of the week.

Premium vegetables: quality and price go hand-in-hand

With Mayorazgo Export you can export Premium Vegetables throughout the year, we take care of all the formalities.

The greenhouse cultivation and the excellent climate of the south of Spain allows the cultivation of vegetables during most of the year. In this link you can check the availability of each product: Availability Calendar

Contact us and we will answer any questions you may have, in Mayorazgo Export we are committed to a close relationship, face to face, so that you can inform you with confidence and without any type of  commitment about any question:

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  • Food Safety…

Exporting premium vegetables from Spain with Mayorazgo Export guarantees you the delivery of fresh vegetables in a few hours complying with all the regulations of cultivation and transport.

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