“Los Manolos”: Spanish exporters of premium vegetables

Los Manolos Spanish exporter of premium vegetables

“Los Manolos” is more than a brand, it is the distinctive sign internationally recognized for its impeccable trajectory associated with the best quality and the best service.

From 1975 to date our reputation has grown, we have extended our services to different countries around the world being characterized by the quality of our premium vegetables, by the fulfillment of delivery times, by the good maintenance of the products during the journeys, by delivering them to our customers as fresh as just picked from the garden, by a personalized customer service, by our knowledge of the legislation in force in different countries for the export of vegetables…

We try to make the difference in quality in both products and services and, in this way, we have achieved the impeccable reputation that we have as Spanish exporters of premium vegetables.

Import Premium Vegetables and Fruits From Spain

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Do you need a Spanish exporter of premium vegetables?

Mayorazgo Export has been packing premium vegetables for export since 1975 under the “Los Manolos” label. A company that has evolved over the years, adapting to new ways of growing and exporting without neglecting the knowledge that traditional agriculture has given them over the course of several decades.

A long period of time in which they have contacted and selected the best producers in Spain, those who meet the values and standards of Mayorazgo Export and are at the height of its brand, “Los Manolos”. The chosen producers must comply with the most demanding quality control standards and have all the necessary certifications to guarantee food safety.

With a rigorous control that our inspectors carry out on the plantations, the packing and shipping process, we achieve the high quality and excellent service that makes us one of the best Spanish exporters of vegetables.

Spanish exporter of high quality vegetables

We have mentioned the long trajectory of our company in the export sector, we have been working for more than 35 years shipping in sea containers and more than 25 years sending our vegetables by air.

This extensive experience allows us to select the fastest transport for vegetables depending on the country of destination. Whatever the type of transport, temperature, humidity and storage are totally controlled to guarantee the delivery of the product in perfect conditions.

Our agreements with different transporters, by road, sea and air, allow us to guarantee our customers weekly delivery of the products.

Greenhouse vegetables exporter almost all year round

Spain, specifically Almeria, where Mayorazgo Export is located, has the great advantage of producing fresh vegetables under greenhouse during most of the year. As Spanish exporters we can offer you a really wide Availability Calendar with the most demanded vegetables by the customers.

Our calendar allows you to sell fresh vegetables out of season that your closest competitors do not have, it is a great business opportunity to highlight and retain customers while attracting new ones with a product that although it is out of season maintains all the qualities regarding quality and freshness.

Spanish exporter of organic vegetables and greens

Within our extensive calendar you can find organic products, vegetables grown without artificial pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Quality, healthy and wholesome products that we export from Spain during most of the year.

Zucchinis, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes… products of different varieties that enjoy an incredible acceptance in all markets where they have been presented, and as exporters with a long history, we have taken our organic vegetables to different countries around the world, both inside and outside the European Union.

How to contact a Spanish exporter of premium vegetables?

Visit our website https://mayorazgo.eu/ and get to know us a little better, from our company policy and values to the variety and availability of our products.

On our website you will find the CONTACT page, you can fill out the form, send an email or call us by phone at the numbers listed there.

We bet for a personalized treatment with our clients, for this reason, you will be attended by a person and not by an answering machine, creating through the conversation that confidence that goes beyond the professional relationship.

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