Mayorazgo Exports Premium Vegetables from Integrated Agriculture

greenhouses of Almeria in the region of Andalusia

At Mayorazgo Export we are proud to belong to a province characterised, in the agricultural field, by the constant concern for quality and the development of different organic production techniques.

We are in the first region in the world, in terms of the volume cultivated with integrated agriculture, and we stand up for organic farming by our own conviction and in response to the demand of consumers, who are more and more concerned about the environment.

The export of fruit and vegetables that Mayorazgo Export carries out complies with the most demanding requirements in terms of quality and food safety, amply meeting the expectations of consumers.

Why does Mayorazgo Export stand for integrated agriculture?

This type of agriculture can be placed between organic and conventional agriculture. According to the International Organisation for Organic and Integrated Farming (OLIB), we can define integrated production as:

“An agricultural system of food production that makes maximum use of natural resources and regulatory mechanisms and ensures, in the long term, viable and sustainable agriculture. In this system, biological methods, cultivation techniques and chemical processes are carefully chosen, seeking a balance between the environment, profitability and social needs”.

As consumer requirements are becoming ever more demanding, our response is a product that meets the highest expectations. At Mayorazgo Export, we are professionals in the fruit and vegetable export sector, we know what consumers want and we make it available to them.

Import Premium Vegetables and Fruits From Spain

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The reasons why Mayorazgo Export exports fruit, and vegetables from integrated production

1. Because it is an agricultural production system in which all the practices carried out are compatible with the protection of both natural resources and genetic diversity, soil conservation and respect for the environment.

2. Reduction in the use of phytosanitary products: we are committed to the healthiest and most natural food possible.

3. Compliance with regulations: integrated agriculture allows the use of fertilisers and other agrochemical products, as long as the applicable regulations governing their use are respected, and their application is controlled and fully justified whenever there is no other alternative.

4. European Union: compliance with local and national regulations and the most demanding quality regulations dictated by the European Union.

5.A sustainable agricultural model: this is achieved through the reduction of various negative impacts such as:

– Reduction of water consumption

– Reduction of carbon dioxide emissions

– Energy efficiency

– High yields from the resources used

The regulation defines integrated production as:

“agricultural systems of production of vegetables that make maximum use of natural resources and production mechanisms and ensure long-term sustainable agriculture, by introducing biological and chemical control methods and other techniques which reconcile the requirements of society, environmental protection and agricultural productivity, as well as the operations carried out for the handling, packaging, processing and labelling of plant products covered by the system”.

Mayorazgo Export believes in integrated production, trying to find a balance between consumer demand, quality, food safety and commitment to the environment.

GLOBAL G.A.P. and ORGANIC certified agricultural production.

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Society is becoming increasingly interested in food-related issues. More and more consumers are demanding healthy food and are concerned about the origin of food products, farming methods and the environmental impact they have.

Consumers are spending time and taking a real interest in the search for sustainable and healthy products, such as organic products.

Faced with an organic market that is constantly expanding and growing, Mayorazgo Export is responding to this great demand with exportations of certified fruit and vegetables.

Seals, which in addition to a guarantee on the cultivation of the products, are the commitment of our company with the consumer, with ecological and sustainable agriculture, with the environment and with quality.

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