Spanish fresh fruit and vegetable exports in 2020 grew by 5% to 17100 million dollars

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It closes a year in which the production and export of Spanish fruit and vegetables was revealed as an essential activity during the lockdown.

Spain fruits and vegetable export during 2020: According to estimates by exporters associations, destination countries imported 13.5 million tons of fresh fruit and vegetables from Spain.

During the pandemic, Mayorazgo was maintained the export of fresh fruits and vegetables activity

During the pandemic, the fruit and vegetable sector has been recognized as an essential activity.

During the lockdown, the production and export activity of fresh fruits and vegetables was maintained to guarantee the supply of foreign markets that need to import Spanish vegetables.

The main exporting companies in Almeria, Andalusia and Spain in general have adapted to the exceptionality of the situation, which has meant having to quickly implement very important changes.

We have implemented the new security requirements in the field and in the handling plants, which has meant a significant increase in costs.

In the area of consumption, the Covid and especially the confinement has boosted demand in homes around the world compared to the same months of 2019.

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Great diversity of premium products, volatility of prices and Brexit

Of the 17100 million Dollars that will be exported in 2020, a total of 7400 million Dollars will correspond to vegetables and 9700 million Dollars to fruits, highlighting the great diversity of premium products.

The year 2020 has also been characterized by a very different behavior of the different campaigns and a strong volatility of prices.

Concerns about the delay in the post-Brexit agreement with the United Kingdom have been very much in evidence in 2020.

Although Spanish exports to this country, the third largest market, have maintained a positive evolution of 8% up to October, totalling 1800 million Dollars, the sector has worked with all scenarios, including the non-agreement and the arrival of tariffs.

Finally, the agreement reached on Christmas Eve will avoid these tariffs, but it will not avoid the new customs formalities and controls that will mean that the United Kingdom will definitively leave the EU on January 1st.

But we are sure that Mayorazgo Export will continue during 2021 to export a large amount of premium fruits and vegetables to the entire UK market. We have quickly adapted to the new conditions for importing agricultural products from Europe to the UK.

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