Spanish vegetables: Quality and freshness at a glance

Spanish vegetables: Quality and freshness at a glance

In order to reduce the waste of food that is still eatable, a supermarket chain in the United Kingdom has eliminated, since September, the expiration dates of many products, especially fruits and vegetables.

It is estimated that the equivalent of 7 million shopping baskets can be saved from being thrown away if the product is bought according to the consumer’s own judgment and without the best-before dates.

The best-before dates have as objective to mark the quality of the food, not its safety, and trust that the consumer’s judgment will reduce the volume of discarded food being still in optimal conditions to be consumed.

In Mayorazgo Export we make sure that our fruits, vegetables and greens arrive in perfect condition to our customers, products that stand out in any display for its freshness and quality, highlighting among other goods by the size, color and smell that is perceived. Our products exhibit freshness at the first glance.

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“Consumer judgment is more important than a printed date.”

What should consumers look for when buying fresh fruits, vegetables and greens?

The first thing that catches the consumer’s attention is the color, which should be consistent, bright and unblemished. Lack of color is a sign of lack of freshness.

The size should be proportional to the weight, a tangerine with little weight, for example, indicates that has little juice.

Consistency is another factor to take into account, touch the product, always with gloves of course, to check the firmness. If the product is flaccid, discard it. The product should be consistent with smooth, shiny skin and no bumps or bruises.

Leafy vegetables, such as spinach, lettuce, chard… should have an intense and bright green color, the leaves should not be stained or wilted.

And of course the smell, fresh fruits and vegetables give off an aroma that with the passage of days is attenuated until it disappears. A strong tomato smell, for example, guarantees the freshness and quality of the product.

The importation of fresh vegetables from Spain guarantees a link where the quality is at first sight.

In Mayorazgo Export we make sure that the transport of our vegetables complies with all the requirements so that our products reach the customer with the maximum freshness, as if they were just picked from the garden.

More than 45 years of experience in the international transport of fresh fruits and vegetables are our guarantee. We are characterized by the fulfillment of delivery times, transporting the products in a fast and reliable way.

The impeccable condition of Spanish vegetables when they reach their destination makes them stand out on any shelf, because freshness attracts attention.

Proper packaging allows products to reach their destination without bumps or bruises, maintaining the quality and image of fruits and vegetables as at the time of harvesting.

“Los Manolos”: a label with international prestige.

Eliminating the expiration date on fruits and vegetables does not mean that the corresponding labeling will be eliminated. The label is essential to know the origin and traceability of the product as well as its cultivation method.

In Mayorazgo Export we label all our products with a very well known label in the world of fruit and vegetable imports from Spain: “Los Manolos”.

“Los Manolos” is much more than a label, it is the synonym of commitment, responsibility, quality, speed and personalized attention. Even if the products have no expiration date, you can know exactly when they were picked, storage and preparation time and transport time.

The criteria of consumers will make them select the fruits and vegetables with the best appearance, that is where Spanish products stand out, if these products also have the label that guarantees their cultivation under the strict parameters of the EU regarding the use of pesticides and fertilizers, Spanish fruits and vegetables are positioned as the number 1 product of any international market.

We personally attend any call to solve any doubt or provide the information that the customer requires.

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