The best prices for Spanish winter vegetables imports

Best prices for Spanish winter vegetables imports

The winter season is already underway, the solar greenhouses in the south of Spain, more specifically in Almeria, are already in full production to supply the European population during the cold winter months. During these months, Almeria is the leading European region in both, the production and marketing of vegetables.

Very cold months when, in most of the European continente, the cultivation is impossible due to the low temperatures and, unfortunately, the important increase that has been applied to the gas and electricity makes impossible for the farmers of the north and centre of Europe to obtain artificially the ideal conditions for the cultivation.

In Mayorazgo Export we help you to import certified fruits and vegetables of high quality, coming from the greenhouses and at an incredibly low price if we compare it with other markets.

Why can Spain offer the best price for winter vegetable imports?

Because agriculture in Spain does not depend on fossil fuels. The good climate of Almeria, with more than 3,300 hours of sunshine per year, together with the greenhouses, allows sowing and cultivation in optimum conditions without depending on any type of external energy in the coldest months of the year.

In the midst of a major world energy crisis, Spanish agriculture has a great advantage: the climate. The greenhouses have sunlight as their only source of energy without having to resort to fossil fuels at any time. The innovation and continuous improvements that have been applied to greenhouses in terms of structures and materials, have made it possible to increase productivity by optimising water and energy resources, with a notable improvement in climate control.

Quality and high productivity at a much lower cost than in central and northern Europe, have turned Almeria into a reference point for agriculture throughout the world, being year after year leader in exports.

Import Winter Premium Vegetables From Spain

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Import organic winter vegetables at a price that only Spain can offer you

The cultivation of organic winter vegetables follows the same procedure as any other greenhouse crop.

Currently, 74% of the fruit and vegetable products that Almeria and Granada grow in solar greenhouses, such as tomatoes, peppers, courgettes, aubergines, cucumbers, melons and watermelons, are grown using biological control techniques.

The renunciation of the use of phytosanitary products and crops regulated by natural and environmentally friendly is an objective that is being achieved in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture and the ever-increasing consumer demand.

Organic winter vegetables have the same advantages as any other product grown in the south of Spain, a very high quality and a price well below European markets.

Import winter vegetables with Mayorazgo Export

In Mayorazgo Export we help you with any doubt that you can have, we offer you a personalised treatment without telephone operators or answering machines so that whatever your question is, you will be satisfied with the answer.

We help you with all the paperwork, certifications, permits…you just have to talk to us and register as a customer.

Importing winter vegetables with Mayorazgo Export makes you benefit from the best price that you will find in any find in any market in Europe. We reiterate that the energetic crisis that the whole Europe is suffering affects us to a lesser extent, we do not depend on fossil fuels at exorbitant prices that have an which have an irremediable impact on the product.

The climate, the hours of sunshine, the greenhouses, innovation, technology… make us great fruit and vegetable producers in any market. fruit and vegetable producers in any season of the year without the need to increase prices in order to cover the cost of external energy consumption.

Europe’s market garden in solar greenhouses

The joint efforts of farmers, companies, cooperatives and various research centres, both public and private, have managed to minimise the environmental impact and constantly advance in innovation  to obtain large productions of high quality crops and to be recognised worldwide.

Almeria and Granada are proud of their 35,000 hectares of solar greenhouses and of an annual production of 4.5 million tons of vegetables and fruits, making Almeria, once again this year, the leading region in the ranking of fruit and vegetable exports.

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