We export the Premium Vegetables that consumers want.

We export the Premium Vegetables that consumers want

The agri-food sector is constantly evolving in order to meet the increasingly demanding requirements of consumers.

Variables as important as flavour, size, colour or ripeness point are added to the more specific packaging and packing requirements demanded by the different international markets, whether in Europe, the United States, Israel, etc.

Knowing the preferences of consumers allows us to make an exact profile of the characteristics of demand and, thanks to innovation, development and new technologies, to create a new style of agriculture with which we achieve the production of products adapted to the different segments of the market.

For this reason, in Mayorazgo Export we carefully select those farmers that have the best products, with high standards of both presentation and quality. We offer our customers the premium vegetables that consumers want.

Export Premium Vegetables and Fruits From Spain

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We are an exporter of premium vegetables with extensive knowledge of the market

Our work is not limited to receiving orders and serving them, we aim to provide the best service and customer loyalty, as well as to bring new customers who can benefit from products that are differentiated, valued and appreciated in all the markets where they have been presented.

In order to achieve these differentiated products, the first task is to listen to consumers, understand their culture, their gastronomy, meet their health requirements, find out what their preferences are, what they value most when it comes to consuming fresh fruit and vegetables.

Nowadays there are agricultural models adapted to consumer demand. Almeria is a leader in agricultural innovation with a high level of development and research: it has powerful technology, strong investment and the support of institutions such as the University of Almeria. All these factors make Almeria’s agriculture a worldwide reference.

Only by knowing the demands of each market segment, we can obtain a production that perfectly adjusts to the demand. In Mayorazgo Export, we carry out studies and continuous monitoring of the farmers we work with and of the consumers of different nationalities in order to export the best valued premium vegetables in each of the markets where we operate.

Export of new varietal ranges: we have a great diversity of fruit and vegetables

Export of new varietal ranges: we have a great diversity of fruit and vegetables

If there is one area in Spain that is notable for the number of farms dedicated to horticultural experimentation, it is undoubtedly Almeria. There are very active companies working with the aim of obtaining new ranges of varieties and, thanks to genetic variability, they are achieving spectacular results such as:

  • Plants resistant to pests
  • Plants resistant to diseases
  • Adaptation of different productions to the climate
  • Adaptation to the soil
  • Resource efficiency…

Obtaining a wide variety of fruits, where the most important ones stand out:

  • Flavour
  • Smell
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Texture

Genetic variability allows us to obtain fruit with the desired characteristics. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, beans, courgettes, watermelons, lettuces… that we can now offer to the market with the appearance and properties that consumers want.

As fruit and vegetables are basic products in our diet, the consumption of them is continuous. Nowadays, when consumers are more and more concerned about having a healthy and balanced diet, the frequency of purchases of vegetables has increased considerably.

With Mayorazgo Export you can offer to the consumers Premium Vegetables and stand out from the rest by choosing, from the wide variety of vegetables and greens, the ones that best adapt to your market. We put at your disposal the vegetables that widely meet the demands of the consumers.

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