The production under the greenhouses in Almeria, Spain, permits having the most popular fresh vegetables available in local markets, distribution centers and restaurant chains for a large portion of the year.

For a fresh vegetable importer, it’s important to be assured of the widest possible supply of the most profitable and demanded products on the market through an Availability Calendar. A wide availability assures you more months of business and sales. If you have buyers, we will supply you the vegetables that your clients demand.

Mayorazgo Export facilitates the importation of main greenhouse vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, eggplants (aubergines), zucchini (squash, courgettes), cucumbers, green beans, and cherry tomatoes. Always quickly and with the peace of mind that you will have products that meet all the top sanitary and food safety regulations.

What Fresh Vegetables do you need?

What Fresh Vegetables do you need?

Why is importing Mayorazgo Fresh Vegetables profitable good for you?

Why is importing Mayorazgo Fresh Vegetables profitable good for you?

The profitability of importing Mayorazgo fresh vegetables is based on three fundamental pillars.

  • Product quality: the quality satisfies the most demanding markets and eliminates client complaints or product returns.
  •  Fast and reliable delivery: if you promise to supply your client with tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants (aubergines), or any other fresh vegetable by next Friday, it should be there. We take care of that. We have more than 45 years of experience in international logistics of fresh vegetables so we know how it’s done.
  • A wide range of availability: selling certain fresh vegetables when no one else has them can be very profitable for you. Consult our Availability Calendar
  • Food security/safety: Mayorazgo Export is compliant with the standard GLOBALGAP Chain of Custody, Control Points and Compliance Criteria.

We are in Direct Contact with you

When you need something, you will speak with real people, not a machine that tells you to “press one if…”

Since 1975, the philosophy of the founders of Mayorazgo Export has been to maintain an adequately-sized company to be able to personally assist all of our clients.

We want to be sure that everything is under control and that, in the case of emergency, it gets solved quickly and satisfactorily for you.

It’s much better like this, we like direct contact with clients. We love to see how our clients make money when it comes to getting the best fresh greenhouse vegetables to import and sell in their countries thanks to working with Mayorazgo Export.

It’s as quick and easy as sending an Email

We know that for our clients it is important to know that they can contact us quickly and directly. 

Because of this we have implemented a notification system and direct support through email, in addition to communication by phone, chat, or Contact Form.

We love smooth communication.

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