Importing tomatoes from Spain: guaranteed flavour and quality

Importing tomatoes from Spain: guaranteed flavour and quality

It is necessary for consumers to have access to all the information related to the product they are buying, whether it comes from sustainable growing and production, the country of origin and that it complies with all the guarantees, among many other things.

The value of an agricultural product, such as the Spanish tomato, grown in a sustainable way and complying with quality requirements, is something that both, consumers and distributors, know how to appreciate.

This is why consumers, who are becoming increasingly demanding, are calling for labelling that specifies different information about the product:

  • Whether it is national or imported
  • The quality standards applied
  • Whether the products are organic and ecological
  • Correct traceability…

This is very necessary information for all those who defend quality and who understand that the price of tomatoes imported from Spain is perfectly in line with the requirements demanded to farmers in terms of  environmental protection, recycling, traceability and compliance with all local, state and European regulations.

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The price of importing Spanish tomatoes

In a highly competitive global market, respect for legality must be taken into account. This includes, in addition to compliance with health and food safety regulations:

  • The traceability of the product at each stage
  • The tonnes of product that each country allows to enter
  • Labelling…

A legality that we strictly comply with, importing tomatoes with Mayorazgo Export means to distribute high quality tomatoes while supporting sustainable production, care for the environment and a commitment to higher wages.

We offer a quality certified by the most demanding certification systems.

The entry of third countries into the international market has forced Spain to differentiate itself, not only in terms of compliance with international standards, which some countries circumvent, we have also achieved great differentiation in the quality of the product.

We can emphasise the flavour of Spanish tomato as much as its appearance and durability. It is not a question of convincing distributors and consumers of the exquisite flavour of Spanish tomatoes, it is a question of them tasting them and realising for themselves the enormous difference between our tomatoes and those from third countries where traceability, food safety requirements and production methods do not reach the same level as the requirements demanded to Spanish farmers.

Importing Spanish tomatoes is a guarantee of satisfaction in all aspects, highlighting the flavour as much as the smell, texture, appearance, size… enjoying traditional flavours recovered by Spanish farmers thanks to the reactivation of tomato varieties, which is currently being promoted.

Import organic tomato from Spain

At Mayorazgo Export we stand for sustainability, fair wages and respect for the environment.

  • Rational use of water
  • Rainwater collection
  • Sunlight as a source of energy
  • Decrease in the use of chemical pesticides
  • Promotion of biological control
  • Albedo effect to combat global warming
  • Recycling of plastics

All of this, logically, has an impact on the price of Spanish tomatoes, which can hardly compete with tomatoes entering Europe from third countries such as Morocco, where the regulations, health controls, the price of labour and product traceability do not meet the demands that are required in the Spanish countryside.

If we demand higher wages, sustainability, respect for the environment, quality, compliance with regulations and fresh products on the table every day, we cannot ignore the cost that this entails.

Comparing a kilo of tomatoes by price, without taking all these factors into account, is totally unfair to farmers who strive every day to obtain the best organic tomatoes on the market while at the same time making progress in terms of labour guarantees, product quality and respect for the environment.

Import organic tomato from Spain

Availability for Spanish tomato imports

Spain, especially Almeria, is known for its greenhouse production. This, together with excellent temperatures, allows the production and import of fresh vegetables throughout most of the year.

Importing different varieties of Spanish tomato

You can check the calendar of availability of fruit and vegetables on the web, check the wide period of availability and the variety of existing products.

As for the Spanish tomato, star in international markets, we can offer the following varieties varieties:



Consult our website and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or clarifications you may require.

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