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Kaki Persimmon
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Spanish Kaki Persimmon

The kaki persimmon is a fruit of asian origin. Is golden yellow and round, but the most characteristic is its taste: very tasty, sweet and smooth texture. It is a food rich in fibre and nutrients (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants), while very low in fat.

It is a huge source of vitamin a: with one persimmon, half of the recommended daily amount of this compound; necessary for vision, proper development of the foetus and the immune system, is obtained. Furthermore, it is also rich in vitamin c, vitamin b6 and manganese, among others.

Persimmons contain very important polyphenolic antioxidants to health, since they have anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-infective and anti-haemorrhagic properties. Oxidative stress, which protects against antioxidants, is related to many chronic diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, diabetes…

Antioxidants, along with vitamin c and fibre, help improve cardiovascular health: reducing ldl cholesterol, reducing blood pressure, reducing inflammation …

Because of the character of this sweet fruit is a very popular dessert: in pudding, cookies, cakes, yogurt … You can also put in salads, to the oven, with chicken, honey or brie cheese

Kaki Fruits

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The main properties of the Kaki Persimmon

The persimmon is a fruit of asian origin.

It is characterized by being very tasty, sweet and very smooth texture.

They provide numerous antioxidants, which protect against oxidative stress.

It is a very great source of vitamin a, very necessary for the proper functioning of the immune system, good vision and development of the foetus in pregnant women.

They contain polyphenolic compounds with numerous properties: anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, anti-infective and anti-haemorrhagic.

It is a very popular dessert: pudding, cookies, cakes ... Or as a main dish in salads, to the oven with brie or chicken ...

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