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Spanish Clementines

Clementines are citrus fruits from the same family as limes, lemons and oranges. They are characterized by having a thick skin, well separated from the body by making it easy to peel.  They are low calorie foods, about 35-40 kcal per piece, but, because of its high-water content and fibre, it gives a feeling of satiety and weight loss.

As the same as the rest of citrus, clementines are characterized by an excellent source of vitamin c. This vitamin is a potent antioxidant, it strengthens the immune system, removes free radicals of oxygen and retards cellular aging and it also maintains healthy, elastic and smooth skin.

Clementines are an important source of fibre, especially soluble, which is what helps reduce blood cholesterol levels. This, together with potassium regulates blood pressure and heart rate, helps to have a good cardiovascular health.

They also provide other nutrients such as vitamin b, phosphorus and magnesium, although less. These fruits are rich in plant compounds, which have anti-inflammatory effects, so that help the correct functioning of the organism and prevent many diseases such as cancer. In addition, elevated levels of citrate in the urine reduces the risk of kidney stones.

Clementines Fruits
  • They are an excellent source of vitamin c, so they have powerful antioxidant effects.
  • Rich in soluble fibre, which help reduce blood cholesterol levels.
  • Raise levels of citrate in the urine, reducing the risk of a kidney stone.

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The main properties of the Clementines

These fruits provide a lot of vitamin c, a powerful antioxidant that strengthens the immune system and slows cell aging.

The soluble fibre reduces cholesterol levels, while potassium regulates blood pressure, which translates into better cardiovascular health.

Reduces the risk of a kidney stone, since it increases the concentration of citrate in the urine.

Provide many nutrients and minerals that have beneficial effects on the whole organism.

Clementines are citrus fruits, from the same family as limes, lemons and oranges.

They have fewer calories but are rich in nutrients and fibre.

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